Why does iPhoneDevCamp 3 cost $50?

If you are thinking about registering for iPhoneDevCamp 3, but haven’t done so yet, this is the post to read…

Three weeks from today on Friday, July 31st, hundreds of iPhone developers, designers, and entrepreneurs will descend upon the Yahoo! Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, for 2 1/2 days of coding, sharing, learning, and having fun. iPhoneDevCamp, in its third year, is the second largest gathering of iPhone developers in the world – second only to Apple’s own Worldwide Developers Conference.

In the past two years, we’ve been able to rely solely upon sponsors for all of the costs to run the event. And boy, there are costs – from food to drinks to banners to badges to t-shirts to everything else that is needed to produce a conference. It’s not cheap, but we also don’t spend lavishly, either.

And here’s the thing… Do you know how much money ends up in the pockets of the organizers and volunteers? Zero. Everyone involved in the production of this event is 100% volunteer. All time, all resources, all effort put forth by the organizers and the volunteers is free. In fact, last year, some of the organizers ended up spending money out of pocket for certain expenses and never asked for reimbursement. We do this because we are passionate believers in the iPhone platform, our community, and this emerging (and exciting) new economy that is blossoming around Apple truly exceptional innovation with the iPhone.

So, as you contemplate the $50 registration fee this year, know that all of it, every single penny, is going to make the event a better event, and not into the pockets of any individuals involved in the production. And, should we by some fluke end up with money leftover from the event at the end – we’re going to ask the iPhoneDevCamp attendees to vote on where that money will go – be it a non-profit cause, micro-loans, or maybe even sponsoring students to attend WWDC next year. Who knows!

Think about the state of our economy in 2007 and 2008 and compare that to the state of the economy this year. Relying upon sponsors to cover 100% of the cost was a safe assumption the past two years, but not this year. We are attracting sponsors this year, and I expect a healthy number of them, but we simply cannot expect sponsors to cover all of the event costs in 2009. So, we made the decision to distribute the costs of running the event this year to roughly 50/50. Based on our estimated event costs and our desire for no more than 500 attendees, $50 was a nice, round number in that cost range. If we end up with more sponsors than expected, that means more amenities, more giveaways, and more prizes for the Hackathon than we has planned for.

The event is three weeks from today and we still have just over 300 tickets available. We had hoped that three weeks out (today), we’d have less than 200 remaining tickets. The primary purpose of this post is a call to action for all of you out there to help us fill this event in three weeks, and serve the needs of 500 members of our iPhone community.

What are you getting for that $50?

* All of your meals and drinks from Friday night until Sunday late afternoon. For most people, that’s more than $50.
* An iPhoneDevCamp badge.
* An iPhoneDevCamp t-shirt.
* Giveaways and prizes for the Hackathon.
* Knowing that your money helped to cover shared costs at the event, such as banners, equipment rental, etc.
* Whatever else we can afford based on attendance.

We hope to see you there. This is going to be a great event. Just think about all of the progress the iPhone platform has made since iPhoneDevCamp 2 last year. 60,000+ apps, iPhone OS 3.0, new powerful hardware. Imagine the possibilities at iPhoneDevCamp 3.

Register now.


  1. John C. Randolph says:

    Actually, what went through my mind was “why does iPhoneDevCamp ONLY cost $50?”