Why You Should Come!

The three days at iOSDevCamp is where the best developers come together to play, hack and ship.  But they aren’t why we come to this thing. We come because we love it.  Everybody else comes for the same reason.  The way that we work together is what creates a special experience and the relationships that come out of it are truly valuable.

Why Your Boss Should Pay for It!


Appeal to their need for talent:

“I’ll build relationships with the best developers in the industry by hacking alongside them. It’s an incredible place to recruit.”

Appeal to their need for [business] companionship:
“All of the top companies are going to be there.  We might meet someone that can we partner with on ______.”


Appeal to their greedy side:
“It isn’t just random developers there.  Some of these guys have exited several times.  They could probably fund us on the spot.”


Appeal to their ambition:

“There will be a ton of connected devices companies there.  Understanding how iOS can be used with ______ [pick one: 3D Printing, Brainwave Microphones, Laser Microscopy] could be huge for us!”

Appeal to their fear of being outmaneuvered by a rival:

“_______ will almost certainly be there, scouting talent and opportunities.”


Appeal to their FOMO: 

“I think it would be best if we both went.”

iphone7 Remove Excuses: 

“I’ve already gotten Rohan to cover for me, plus it’s a weekend event.”

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