iPhoneDevCamp Japan Discussion List

Japanese FlagI have been talking with a number of Japanese iPhone developers about running an iPhoneDevCamp in Japan, tentatively in Tokyo on the weekend of May 8-10. If you are interested in helping plan this event, or becoming a sponsor, we have started an english-language discussion list to allow international participation. You can join the list at iPhoneDevCamp Japan (English).


  1. Dom Sagolla says:

    I’m happy to organize the Satellite broadcast if we can secure enough bandwidth 🙂

  2. I would like to see an iPhoneDevCamp Japan! I think it will be worthwhile and look forward to participation.

    I vote for this being a non-drinking event. Too often we are invited to participate in Japanese activities, and the non-drinkers end up subsidizing the drinking at 6,000 yen a person! 60 bucks is WAY TOO MUCH for a non-drinker to pay for an evening to meet other developers! I propose, if there is drinking at the iPhoneDevCamp, then there be two rates, one rate for drinkers, and one rate for non-drinkers.