iOSDevCamp 2014 Winners!

Best Open Source App == Amulet

Amulet is a check-in and self-service payment system for coworking spaces, gyms, and events. Customers press an “amulet” (an RFID tag) and the iPad-based kiosk greets them. Amulet Kiosk displays upsells and accepts payments using a stored PayPal profile or credit card (using the optical credit card reader). Amulet was completely developed at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Team MCSAW (making cool stuff all weekend): Gil Zamfirescu, Anca Mosoiu, J.D. Zamfirescu,  and Jeff Jouppi.



Best Educational App == Bullywatch

Bullywatch is a watch that will help stop bullying in school. When being bullied in school the kid will press a button, it will turn orange and that expresses emotions to the bully of the kid feeling bullied. Most of the times bullies will back off. If they do not, the kid will press the watch for 4 seconds and the watch will turn red and send a text message to school staff with the name and location alerting teachers. Bullywatch was developed entirely at iOSDevCamp by Yash Narayan.



Most Retro App == Click Wheel Keyboard

Adam Bell and Ron Nicholson brought the wondrous iPod classic click wheel to iOS 8 as a click wheel keyboard! It is a single button keyboard without the headaches of autocorrect or just too many buttons to press that can contain every !


Tastiest App == Cookie Cutter Cutter

This iPad app created by the trio Elizabeth Salazar, Andrew Pouliot, and Cat Casuat allows users to visually create custom cookie cutters which can then be exported to a 3D printer and printed automatically.


Coolest App == Donny

Sponsored by TapSense

Donny is an exploration in human-computer interaction using the sensor input, triggers, and visualization capabilities of the iPhone. Interactions include facial recognition, poking, tickling, swaying, shaking, and more. Ultimately, our devices could expand via hardware to include “bodies” that roam around interacting with the physical world. Applications of this technology include the exploration of delightful human-computer interactions, teaching aides for young children, and emotional coaching for those children and individuals affected by autism.


Geekiest App == KickAssinator3000

Every line of code and every solder point was done at iOSDevCamp2014. KissAssinator3000 turns any ordinary human into a superhero (like its creators Kerstin Karu, Mark Chen, Michael Wang, John Chen)!

The array of super powers include: Full Hand Gesture Control (Flex Sensors); Claw (activate lights); Fist (activate fans); Finger Point (activate lasers); Trigger (shoot, pew pew); Night Vision (IR camera over IP); Voice Recognition and Control (Google Voice Recognition, SIRI Output); Super Intelligence (CAMFind image recognition and search); Flight (fans now, but to be replaced with jet propulsion); Spidey Sense (Motion Sensor on the back + vibration on the neck); Magnetic Field Sensing (Hall + vibration on finger tips); HUD and Control Center (iPhone App) and Super Hero Costume.


Best HomeKit App == HomeKitDemo

The super duo of Blossom Woo and Neil Schreiber hacked to configure an Accessory Data Base with a hard coded mock home that had a couple of rooms. When coupled with HomeKit simulator (HKS) we were able to “discover” the devices that were created in the HKS and assign them to our home and associate them with a specific room. Then we were able to use the app to control one of the accessories (e.g. toggle a garage door open and closed).


Most Dystopian == Infection

Mike Beyrodt and Chris Griffith built this proximity based apocalypse survival game driven by real world interactions between users. It was built entirely at iOSDevCamp and created without developers on a PC.


Best Mobility == Shakedown

Battle your friends Tug of War style by shaking your iPhone!! Whoever shakes the hardest wins!! This app was built 100% at iOS DevCamp by JJ Tang, Shady Elyaski, and Nick Hool.


Best Beast App == Something Fishy

Something Fishy was built by Daniel DeCovnick and Zac Bowling entirely at iOS Dev Camp. It uses computer vision to track a goldfish as it plays Game Boy games (namely Pokémon Crystal) and, separately, tracks from above to play soccer.


Best Cocos 2d Game == Pirate’s Peril

Sponsored by Apportable

Daniel Richards created this simple, fun, high seas adventure game, written using SpriteBuilder, and built completely at iOSDevCamp 2014.


Most Useless App == The Button

The Bro!!! team made up of Max Weisel, Parteek Saran, and Nick Hool made The Button entirely at iOSDevCamp2014. The Button is a single button app that attempts to do many things. Everything from finding food to communicating with friends to saving the world.


Best App for Good == We Vote 

We Vote is a volunteer-driven, non-partisan, open-source, transparent movement. Our native iOS App gives you, your network, and millions of other voters more confidence to walk into a polling place on Election Day with only a smartphone, empowered to make voting decisions based on the thinking of the best and brightest minds in your personal network and the organizations you trust. The biggest team of iOSDevCamp 2014 included Nathan Stankowski, Sean McMahon, Scott Wasserman, Dale John McGrew, Chris Griffith and Dan Ancona.


Best Family App == Embracelet

Hug a loved one from far away. This wearable app was built entirely at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Marc Roth and Nancy Giordano. The one touch application let’s you turn on a light or vibrate a ring, bracelet or any physical action of love on or near someone close to you no matter far away life may take you.


Most Integrated App == The Connected LittleLibrary Project

There are currently individuals who put little libraries of their favorite literature in front of their homes.

Our vision is to modernize the lending process where there is an IoT savvy (using sensor, devices, and cloud platforms). The Little Library appliance will allow individuals to share their books and stories to create communities. We are using Gimbal (beacon), Electric Imp (wifi connectivity), and Bean — and of course it is solar powered. Imagine, walking up to one of these IoT Community Little Libraries and you scan the QR code on the front to download the app, login with Facebook and then check out a book, leave a book, share a book or donate a book.

The trio of Alan Nuchnoi, Dan Zeitman, and Param Singh built this entire hack, included the 3D models, the server code, and the IOS app 100% during iOSDevCamp.


Best UX/UI App == GasCap

Sponsored by Artisan

This app made entirely at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Curtiss Pope helps rental car customers calculate precise gas amounts to re-fill their rental cars to the correct level.


The Unicorn == Mitto

Mitto is a mobile app where users can use beacons to broadcast messages like those posts commonly found on eBay or Craigslist. A user can load a message onto the beacon and when it gets in range of another phone with the app, other users will see the message in the application and it will get saved. An example of this would be a user who has an apartment for rent. When other people who are looking for apartments (they specify a filtering tag) with the app walk by the apartment, where the beacon is located, they will get the “For Rent” message since they have the tag. This app was built entirely at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Shana Azria, Maroun Abi Ramia, Shikhar Mohan, Marlena Morshead, and Quintin Leong.


Best Developer Tool == Where is Jen?

Want to find out where Jen or anyone else that has been set up with a Gimbal tag is located?  Use this app.  Scott Wasserman built this entirely at iOSDevCamp 2014. He figured out a smoothing algorithm for the BT LE beacon signal to be able to tell if you are getting closer or further away from the beacon and whether you are too far away for a reliable signal.


Best Payment App == PayPal Cafe

Sponsored by Paypal

A POS app that marries the power of the PayPal SDK and the Gimbal SDK.  A user registered with Gimbal that has their tag on them shows up as being in the cafe in the app with picture, name, last purchase item and whether their tag is associated with a paypal account.   The user may make a purchase with Paypal or choose to associate their tag with a PayPal preauthorization.  There’s a screen with the items for sale and a one click process to authorize if the user already has an associated Paypal account.   The app locally stores the tag id and the auth code from paypal to make that happen.  Built by Scott Wasserman entirely at iOSDevCamp2014.


Best Game App == Scavengr

Scavengr was made enitrely at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Onno Kluyt, Giovanni Rogano, Byron Warner, Klein Lieu, Benjamin Ho, and Richard Chin. This is a variation of the scavenger hunt game. The players search a dedicated space with their iPhones trying to find the treasures which are represented by iBeacons (range ~30m). The color of their iPhone screen changes to indicate proximity to the next beacon, which has to be found in a particular order. When an iBeacon is found, the player acquires power-ups.   The first player to find all ibeacons in order wins.

The devices communicate via a mesh network, so they’re easily discoverable just by opening the app.  There’s no requirement to be on the same WIFI network with signal restrictions.  As long as a device can connect another in the mesh network, they’ll be able to send/receive data between all nodes.


Best Young Developer == Topple

Topple is a strategy Lego-like game where you can select blocks and build a structure. After building your structure you test it’s strength by shaking the device and you get points if the structure does not topple. Neha Jamthe built this entire app at iOSDevCamp2014.


Best Young Developer == Raycaster

A 3D game where you move around a creepy maze, built from the ground up. This app was built partially at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Isaac Dudney and Bill Dudney.


Best HealthKit == PopMeds

Alerts users to take their meds and shares compliance with their health advocate. George Lai made this app partially at iOSDevCamp 2014.


Best iOS8 == Native

An iOS extension to provide machine translation and the ability to “ask a native” if machine translation isn’t sufficient. Mac Alnakari and Cory Kilger made this app partially at iOSDevCamp 2014.


Best Young Female Developer == Buy Together

This app provides a platform that allows you to connecting with your Facebook friends to buy gifts, deals and share expenses together. It integrates Venmo to make payment experience with your friends easy, simple and social. Built entirely at iOSDevCamp 2014 by Min Hu, Zeng Wang, Yue Bai, and Lan Hu.


Demo Sacrifice == Super Connector Watch

The legendary Demo Sacrifice was made by Eric Oesterle. The goal was for it to be a tookit that would work on the Pebble watch, Samsung watch, and potentially a future Apple watch.  Unfortunately, when the largest earthquake to hit the bay area in 25 years forced him to head home to take care of the damage before he was able to demo.


Best Hardware == TypeA Go Mount

Co-sponsored by: Type A Machines & Capital One

Austin Cooley and Ben Morse decided to try creating a tool for iOS developers that they would use themselves, while also fully utilizing the TypeA 3D printer. Neither of them had ever created a 3D model for printing before, but both of them learned CAD in Blender to make it happen.

This sturdy mount hooks onto your laptop screen and holds your iPhone. Test on your device just as easily as the simulator! You can use it on the bus, or in the coffee shop. Also serves as a great dock for your phone at home. It features:

– Secure fastening via your lightning cable

– Supports your headphone jack

– Supports both landscape and portrait testing

– Beautiful design that hides your cables

– Slim, single piece design

– Supports mounting on the side OR the top for different viewing angles and cable lengths

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