iOSDevCamp 2012 Video Montage

A video montage for each of the three days at iOSDevCamp on July 20-22, 2012.

Day 1 – Introductions and Pitches

Day 2 – Dev Teams

Day 3 – Hackathon Presentations & Awards


More footage from iOSDevCamp 2012 available from our YouTube channel as well other sources.


  1. […] Our developer events are held over a weekend, from early evening on a Friday through late afternoon on a Sunday. People will gather, form teams, build cool timeline cards for Google Glass using The Google Mirror API, get up onstage to demo their creations, and then prizes are awarded for the best timeline cards created during this Hackathon. You can look at the event agenda for more information. To get a sense of what the event will be like, check out our iOSDevCamp 2012 Video Montage. […]

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