This year at iPhoneDevCamp, we have a dedicated space and a special agenda for all topics related to Entrepreneurship.  Adobe’s Kojak room and the adjacent lobby will be a place for anyone:

  • to seek partnerships;
  • to announce opportunities;
  • to evaluate business plans and size up the market; and
  • to network with angel investors and venture companies.

Additionally, we will host the exclusive Founders Sessions on Sat. Aug. 2nd from 1:00-6:00 PM.  An impressive series of speakers will discuss Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital from the insider’s perspective:

  • 1-2 PM – John Ricci, President at US Angel Investors
  • 2-3 PM – Glenn Von Tersch (President) and Basil Fthenakis (VP-Corporate), TIPS Law Group
  • 3-4 PM – Kevin Hartz, Founder/CEO at Eventbrite, Partner at Youniversity Ventures founded with YouTube co-founder, Leading Consumer Internet Investor
  • 4-5 PM – Justin Fishner Wolfson, Principal at Founders Fund (Facebook Angel Investor)
  • 5-6 PM – Bart Decrem, Founder/CEO at Tapulous and Flock

Attendees will learn from their own personal experiences how to build, fund, and grow successful startups from the ground up.  We’ll hear about the next great opportunities emerging for iPhone and across the Web.

For more information on this aspect of our event, please email the organizer Joe Shapiro: joe.shapiro@ushow.com.