Sunday Speakers

Andrew and his Solar Installation Our Agenda is really shaping up. On Sunday, August 2nd, we have two independent iPhone Developers whom I personally consider heroes. First, the “Godfather of the Indies” Andrew Stone (creator of Twittelator) will speak on “How the NeXT Computer Became the iPhone”.

Andrew has been living by his wits for 21 years as a solo developer, and has some great stories to tell. He’ll also be demonstrating a few items for us on stage, starting at 10am.

Steve's profile pic Next up is the “Poster Child of iPhone Development” Steve Demeter (creator of Trism). Steve says, “I really owe it to Raven for encouraging me to quit my day job and go full time by myself at last year’s iPhoneDevCamp.”

Starting at 10:30am, Steve will be debuting his speech “Doing It Yourself”, in which he tells the tale of going live with the initial launch of the iTunes App Store. The lessons learned, as well as the experience of riding the coat-tail of Apple’s marketing machine, should make for an inspiring presentation.

If you haven’t already, please Register at Eventbrite. This is just the first in a series of announcements guaranteed to sell out the venue at Yahoo!