Sunday Keynote on Next Generation Mobile Gaming

EA veteran Neil Young has created new gaming company called ng:moco:).  In addition to sponsoring our event, Neil has volunteered a new Keynote entitled “iPhone is greater than…”:

I’m going to touch on our sense that the iPhone is a discontinuous event in gaming and has the opportunity to radically reshape the landscape. I’ll spend some time talking about how large publishers view the mobile game space and what we think that the platform needs to fulfill it’s potential as the breakthrough games device that we think it is and also share some ideas of how to stimulate it.

We’re really excited to have Neil on stage from 10-11am on Sunday!  For more details, check our Agenda.


  1. Steve says:

    I thought this was supposed to be broadcast?!?

  2. joe says:

    adobe connect not allowing guests in

  3. James Harris says:

    Did anyone record the audio of the Keynote? If so my company will podcast it for free.

    James Harris
    CEO of Elemental Interactive /
    jharris at