Seven Confirmed Satellites

We are pleased to announce that this year’s iPhoneDevCamp will be simultaneously held in eight (8) locations including San Francisco:
iPhoneDevCamp 2 Satellites

We’ve been working hard with these people to create a live video, audio, and chat bridge between our locations.  Developers in any location can be eligible to win our Hackathon Contest, and we’ve created a special Best of Satellite prize.  This will be a record-setting remote collaboration across eight time zones!

We are still seeking volunteers to help organize some other Satellites of interest:

  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 LA
  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 Sydney
  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 NYC
  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 DC
  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 Boston
  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 Toronto
  • iPhoneDevCamp 2 India

If you’d like to help create one of these, please take a look at our Satellites page and email to get started.


  1. Rob Toole says:

    What, no Boston one?

  2. Ooh, can you help us make a Boston or Cambridge Satellite? If so, please contact David Merrill –

  3. […] tomorrow at Adobe Systems in downtown San Francisco. While the event is at compacity, there are 7 confirmed satellite events which will provide live audio, video and chat feeds of the event. We’ll be providing live […]