Registration is Open

The Organizers are working hard to ensure that everyone who wants to attend and participate during iPhoneDevCamp has space and the resources they need during the weekend. We are anticipating a greater level of interest this year than last year, however. Due to space limitations, we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend. If you’re interested in participating in iPhoneDevCamp, please fill out the registration form.

Completion of this form does not guarantee attendance. Attendees will be announced in July, pending the level of response we get, and available space. If you need to make travel arrangements before July, please contact the team and we’ll start a conversation.


  1. Ned Hogan says:


    I work at a small company, Kaseya, as the lead developer for the Mac agent and we plan to support the iPhone as part of our Automated IT support for the Mac/Windows/Linux environment (we also support Wndows Mobil and Palm). The camp idea is very interesting and I would look forward to sharing my development experience and ideas with other OS X/Cocoa developers at the camp. I have over 20 years of development experience on UNIX platforms, and seven years on OS X. I am also a Apple Certified System Administrator for 10.4/10.5 platforms.

    Best Regards

    Ned Hogan

  2. Shawn America says:

    I am a recent Microsoft convert looking to develop some applications on the iPhone using multi-touch technology.

    I am interested in the next conference and getting immersed in what’s going on.

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