Register your app on iusethis!

iusethis logoIn addition to Christopher Allen’s open source iPhone app tumblelog, the fine folks at iusethis (Arne and Marcus!) have opened up the iPhone section of iusethis for participants of iPhoneDevCamp (here’s the iPhone-friendly version).

Here’s how it works.

First, go register for a new account with iusethis (they support OpenID and you should too — even though you have to register the old fashioned way first… boo!).

Once you’ve got an account and your app is ready to be downloaded and tested by your fellow devcampers, you should add your app to iusethis and tag it with iphonedevcamp.

Important: in order for your app to be found, you must tag it with iphonedevcamp! That’s like the one rule, m’kay?

Once you’re done, your app should be listed on the . Top apps can be seen using this search.

We encourage all satellite iPhoneDevCamps to have their apps added to iusethis over the course of the weekend so that we can all keep track of the work being done literally around the globe!

Consider this listing as definitive as we’re going to get for now (given our experience with a wiki last year, we think this is a major process improvement!) — so definitely browse the listings and mark the apps you like most — and want to use!

Update: If your app is not yet listed in the App Store, select “Beta Appstore” and use a self-hosted download URL:


(Thanks to Andrew Pouliot for the question).

We’re working on a way to indicate web-based applications as well.


  1. Ok, so does this mean we have to get up on the App Store to accept testers for iphonedevcamp? Wouldn’t the delay preclude that?

    We’re going to be doing ad-hoc, right?

    I’m in the PDX satellite, BTW.

  2. Thanks for the question Andrew — just updated the blog post. Use the “Beta Appstore” option when registering your app if you don’t have a Phobos link yet.

  3. nick p says:

    just FYI, ~8% of men have a form of red/green colorblindness.

    Thus, your app will only be 92% maximally effective to male speakers.

    Try blue or blue/green.

  4. How are users able to download and use my app? Don’t I need the IMEI’s for each user?