Q&A with Krithika Yetchina, Winner of Best Woman Entrepreneur

iOSDevCamp 2012 marked two key firsts in Krithinka’s budding entrepreneurial career – it was her first iOSDevCamp and first hackathon. Her efforts for the weekend resulted in the Best Woman Entrepreneur Award for her app FoodFast. That’s not too bad for a 12 year old who’s “going on 13 soon.”

The organizers of iOSDevCamp are quite proud of Krithika — she exemplifies our tradition of having young people participate in our hackathon and she demonstrates of our core values of contribution, sharing, openess and “can do” attitude. We hope to see you again next year, Krithika!

• What inspired you to come to iOSDevCamp?
My mom inspired me to participate in the 2012 iOS hackathon. This was not only my first time, but my first hackathon.

• Tell me a bit about how you came up with your idea pitch and what it was like to present it.
My idea pitch was called FoodFast, and it’s a simple way to order food from your corporate’s cafe using a mobile device.

• How did you form your team?
The amazing Dom Sagolla helped me find Andrew Stone and Eli Stone, and I am so glad that he did.

• What was it like to collaborate with Eli & Andrew?
AMAZING. I am so glad that I was teamed up with them. They made me feel like family! At first, it took a while to be able to talk freely with Eli, but after an hour or so, I was so comfortable with talking to them both.

• Describe what it was like to present your ideas on Sunday night?
I was actually pretty nervous! When Eli said that he didn’t want to present with me, a little part of me almost died, but I knew I should give him a lot of credit, so I kept telling myself it would go fine. And I sure was right! It went so smoothly.

• How would you describe your key talents in this hackathon process?
I believe that I could be an entrepreneur when I grow up. My “key talent” would be developing ideas for these kind of things.

• What was your reaction to winning for Best Woman Entrepreneur?
Haha, quite shocked, actually! I knew I was against so many experienced developers.

Here is a short video feature video (7m19s) of Krithika brainstorming, her pitch, demo of the app 36 hours later, and Krithika’s team winning the prize: