Participating in the Hackathon

Coding during iPhoneDevCamp 2007

Coding during iPhoneDevCamp 2007

One of the best parts of iPadDevCamp is participating in the Hackathon—you have a huge opportunity to learn and grow your skills, get into the groove and flow of high performance development, and network with future colleagues that may help you solve technical challenges for years to come.

Join a Team, or Start One?

But for best results, be prepared. You should know if you plan on joining a team, or if you are going to try to recruit one. If you plan on joining a team, you should be able what skills you have to offer, or what skills you wish to stretch. If you are going to try to recruit a team, you should be able to articulate your ideas well, and know what skills you are looking for.

And of course you should be flexible—your great idea may not appeal enough to recruit a team this time, but maybe you can join another project where you can learn how to do your own project later. Don’t plan to work alone—the best part of the Hackathon is working with others as passionate as you are about the iPad.

Matchmaking and Concierge

If you need help forming a team, or finding one to join, I am here to help. I’ll be in the commons area starting Friday evening and during most of the conference, and I will help you find the people you need. As the teams emerge and everyone has found a place, I will also be acting as concierge to help you find solutions to problems that you encounter. Need someone who knows spherical trigonometry to make your app work? Let me help you find them.

The Hackathon Show and Contest

The deadline for the Hackathon Show and Contest on Sunday afternoon. However, your entry doesn’t need to be a complete app—find something undocumented and share it! Show us how you made something work! Create a cool demo of a feature we didn’t know about! Remember, your iPad App doesn’t have to be perfect, just be enough that other people can learn from it!

Prize Eligibility

Your Hackathon entries may be eligible for prizes if they demonstrate our ideals of Contribution, Sharing, Openess, and “Can Do” attitude. The complete rules for prizes are on the Contest page. But in summary, your submitted iPad App must not currently be available via the iTunes App Store OR if it is available, you must have source code available on a public website. Web Apps are always eligible. In addition, please do not submit iPhone-only or Jailbroken apps for the Hackathon.

Entry Deadline 1pm

All entries for the Hackathon Show should be submitted to me by 1pm on Sunday. Please do not submit your entries twice, if you need to make a change contact me via Twitter @ChristopherA or via email at You can also see a list of current hackathon submissions. If there are more submissions then what we have time to demonstrate, submissions that offer source code will be given first priority, then submissions that were conceived and created at iPadDevCamp, and then those that the Judges think are “cool”. While you are waiting, help us rearrange the room for the Show.

Each satellite iPadDevCamp should have one or two iPhone Apps selected from their attendees to submit to the Hackathon Show. They should prepare a short ~3m video and email it or a YouTube link to before 1:45pm PDT.

The Hackathon Show 2pm

The Hackathon Show will begin at 2pm. Demos should be around 3 minutes, so practice your presentation before you get to the podium. We will have two overhead projectors set up so that we can transition from demo to demo quickly. You can also use a Mac with the iPad Simulator to demonstrate your App. Demos from iPadDevCamp satellites should be an ~3 minute video file.

We look forward to seeing your apps!