Obama '08 iPhone App

Obama '08 for iPhone Ten (10) dedicated men and women have worked feverishly, in secret this past month on an iPhone app for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. All of us are unpaid volunteers.  Six (6) of us are iPhoneDevCamp alumni (*):

I think we may have achieved a record for the launch of such a complex app in such a short period, and many excellent features were dropped for lack of time. It was really fun to develop, knowing the power of features like Call Friends (which sorts your address book by key battleground states) and Get Involved (which uses CoreLocation to direct you to the nearest Obama Headquarters).  The app was designed as a means to donate your time in discreet segments — we call it ‘micro-volunteering’.

A huge portion of the code was taken from Jonathan Wight’s superb TouchCode repository, which won “Best Open Source” at iPhoneDevCamp 2 this summer.

We use Basecamp for bootstrapping, Subversion for revisions, Lighthouse for bug tracking (thanks entp!), Google Groups for our (stellar) Beta list, and Campfire for our engineering chat.  Check out our Facebook Group as well.

Special thanks to John Geleynse and Erik Lammerding at Apple for their attention and encouragement.

Help us make the app better by sending email to iphone@barackobama.com.  Use it to call your friends!  The election is little more than a month away, and your action can make the difference.


  1. I am VERY impressed with this application. Here is a short video showing me installing your application. http://qik.com/video/359372


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  4. Sam says:

    Great application, smart use of technology to support ones candidate…

    Question : WIll the source code be released?



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  7. @avatar2k says:

    wanted to take a minute to say a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of you who created this incredible app. during the campaign i used it EVERYDAY. incredible use of technology. you guys literally changed the world. THANK YOU!


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