Now At Capacity

Thanks to everyone who completed our Registration form! At this point, we are at capacity for the San Francisco location. The organizers believe that some of you might not be able to attend the main event, so we’re taking a couple of steps today:

  • Confirming the first group – you’ll get an email with a brief form that you must complete to reserve a spot;
  • Engaging more Satellite locations around the US and around the world;
  • Contacting people who haven’t already made travel plans, to see if they would like to attend a Satellite event instead;
  • Creating a collaboration space for Satellite organizers via Adobe Acrobat Connect;
  • Setting up General Attendance via Acrobat Connect, so that folks can listen in and chat from anywhere; and
  • Asking some people to resubmit their registration due to incomplete information.

If you’d still like to register – please do!  There’s still a chance that you’ll be able to attend, if we get cancellations or find extra space.  We’d love to have you in our community, and we’ll try to include you somehow – if not on site, then either via Acrobat Connect, or with our Satellite locations.


  1. Estelle says:

    Any news for those of us on the waitlist?

  2. If you received a “Waiting List” email, then you should now have an invitation from me. If you did not previously receive a “Waiting List” email, then hang tight, another round of invites could go out later this week.

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