New sponors – Aptana, Pinch Media, and Nitobi

Thank you to Aptana, Pinch Media, and Nitobi for sponsoring iPhoneDevCamp 2!

Aptana provides a highly popular end-to-end open source Web development suite, Aptana Studio which is rapidly approaching its 2,000,000th download. Aptana Studio streamlines the creation of Web apps using Ajax/JavaScript, PHP or Ruby on Rails, and lets you preview and test them in popular Web browsers, in web-enabled desktop environments like Adobe AIR, and of course on mobile devices like the iPhone.

Pinch Media builds free tools for iPhone developers, allowing them to focus on the core features of their mobile applications. Pinch Media’s first product, Pinch Analytics, is a free analytics product for iPhone SDK applications

Nitobi has been providing enterprise software solutions and web-based software components to Fortune 500 companies since 1997. With a committed focus on the end-user experience, Nitobi is pioneering the way rich internet applications are built and deployed to the web, desktop and mobile devices.


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