iPhoneDevCamp 3 Hackathon Winners!

At tonight’s iPhoneDevCamp 3 Hackathon Show, 54 iPhone applications and related projects were demonstrated to a rapt audience of fellow iPhone Developers. After the show, the judges sequestered themselves to choose winners of the Hackathon Special Prizes, and honorable mentions.

What follows is the list of the winners, along with the text from their original submissions. We hope to post later this week more detail about the winners, what made them special to the judges, and also talk about some of the significant submissions that also deserve mention. If you were in the audience, we encourage you to share in the comments of this post what you liked about any of the Hackathon submissions. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Hackathon (or wish to make clarifications if you are one of the winners) you can send email to the Hackathon Master-of-Ceremonies Christopher Allen.

Thank you everyone who participated in the Hackathon for your passion in developing for the iPhone, and for demonstrating our values of contribution, sharing, openness, and “can do” attitude that made this this the best iPhoneDevCamp yet!

Best iPhone Open Source

AR Kit

open source at http://www.iphonear.org

(Chris Haseman, Zac White, Charles Ruelle, Arshad Tayyeb, Sid Gabriel Hubbard)

An open source ui library for displaying location based data in spherical coordinate systems mirroring UI Kit on the phone. A list of CLLocation objects can be submitted and our library will handle drawing of the locations on screen.

Best iPhone Open Source – Honorable Mention

OpenFlow: a CoverFlow API replacement for the iPhone

open source at http://apparentlogic.com/openflow

(Alex Fajkowski)

A free, open source replacement for Apple’s private CoverFlow API. The initial release is simple, but it is also efficient and very fast, even on first generation iPhones.

Coolest iPhone Application

Avatar Wall

open source at http://tinyurl.com/avatarwall

Remember the thrill of seeing the Live App Wall at WWDC?

Now you can take that excitement with you everywhere, right in your pocket.

AvatarWall recreates the experience of the WWDC App Wall using the Twitter avatars of iPhoneDevCamp followers, and whenever one of them posts a tweet, their icon pulsates to help you more easily identify the source of the latest banter. Just like the app wall, the avatars are sorted by color and spread across multiple monitors, or, in this case, phones.

Now, when you encounter Mae West, she can ask you, “Is that 2500 people in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Coolest iPhone Application – Honorable Mention

Tick Talk


(Jot Kali)

Soon to be released on app store. Finally a piece of the future is here as seen in Sci Fi movies. The alarm clock wakes you up by speaking news headlines from the feed of your choice. ‘ Good Morning Sir …. here are the headlines ….’

The App also introduces a horizontal UIPickerView, which is far more space efficient than the current PickerView

Most Useful iPhone Application



(Ramin Firoozye)

Have you ever gotten a parking ticket or forgotten where you parked your car?

Tell CarPark how much money you’ve put in the meter and set a user-definable alarm (through push notification service) to remind you to get back to your car before you get a ticket.

CarPark allows you to mark where you parked your car with your iPhone’s GPS and find your way back to your car (via integrated MapKit). It even lets you capture what floor, color-code, or section in a multi-story parking lot you parked in.

You can also save notes or take a picture of your surroundings (or rental car) so you can use it on trips.

With an iPhone you’ll never get parking tickets again.

Best iPhone Developer Tool / Helper


open source at http://dev.mobtest.com

(Peter Robinett, Jesus Fernandez, Lakshi Redd)

Mobtest is a web service for mobile application user testing. Developers can efficiently invite testers and run tests, while testers get to live on the cutting edge of mobile apps and contribute to testing apps. An iPhone library that developers can easily add to their projects lets testers easily submit screenshots and feedback as they test the apps.

Most Educational iPhone App

OER Commons

open source at http://www.oercommons.org

(Mark Graham, Don McConnell)

An iPhone interface to the Open Education Resource (OER) Commons website

Best Social iPhone App

Foodspotting Lite

open source http://? — info at http://www.twitter.com/foodspotting/

(Alexa & Seth Andrzejewski, Peter Lee, Warren Stringer, Aaron Bannert)

Foodspotting will be a visual food app that lets you find DISHES, not just restaurants: Foodspotters take pictures of foods they love, enabling Foodseekers to find whatever they’re craving and see the foods at any restaurant. While it will ultimately be powered by Foursquare-like competition and supported by restaurants and media companies who sponsor cravings and scavenger hunts, this lite version built during DevCamp makes it easy to post and browse food sightings using Twitter.

Best iPhone Game

Elftard’s Critical Fumble


(Anca Mosoiu, Jeff Jouppi, Joe McMahon)

Are you dead? Are you alive? The critical fumble will tell. A unique dice rolling application for roleplaying games.

Best iPhone Web App

iUI 0.30 & iUI iPhoneDevCamp Theme

open source at http://iui.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/samples/music.html

(Sean Gilligan, Jeffrey Jones, Kimberley Sabo)

iUI 0.30 adds Hardware-assisted CSS Transitions for the slide animation and numerous bug fixes.

We are also adding theme support and have an iPhoneDevCamp theme developed and demonstrated in the Music Sample.

There are many team members that have contributed (particularly Joe Hewitt) see the project site. The list above is of people who worked on iUI at iPhoneDevCamp 3.

Best New iPhone Developer


open source at http://github.com/Annika-iPhoneDevCamp/Bubblo/tree/master

(Annika, Carlos)

Bubblo is a game of chance for the iPhone. Press a button or shake to play, and get either a crown (Win!) or a hairball (Lose).

Best Student iPhone App


(students: Jason Dreisbach, Alexander Razo-Myers, Hoa Long Tam, Mayank Maheshwari)

open source at http://www.jtdreisb.com/src

Creating a iPhone native library catalog for the library of congress.

Best iPhone App Submitted by an iPhoneDevCamp Satellite


open source at https://netfiles.uiuc.edu:443/farivar2/www/AmeriGo.zip

(Reza Farivar, Shuyi Chen, Nicholas Hoyt)

AmeriGo is a game framework for exploring locations. Google Earth is used for constructing games such as scavenger hunts, field trips or exploring any set of map points.

It verifies that the player has reached a location within 10 meters, optionally poses a question to be answered and then guides her to the next location. New locations are unlocked as the player reaches each location and correctly answers the question.

Submitted from Urbana-Champaign satellite

Highest Potential iPhone Startup Idea (Prize sponsored by iFund)

Winner #1:

Nurse Brain


(Ray Valdes, Mike Kirkwood, Yaofeng Wen, Rylan Valdes)

A communicator for nurses to hand-off important data about patients during shift change. Nurse shift exchange is a targeted area to improve healthcare. This app was inspired by the Kaiser Innovation teams, IDEO, and the nurses at Kaiser.

The team met this weekend and took Polka’s wireframes and comps to crank out a prototype version.

Winner #2:

OWLE Video Mount


(Graham McBain, Harold B. Smith IV)

OWLE is a hardware mount for the 3G and 3GS. I’ts purpose is to bring traditional features of camcorders and cameras.

Best Use of iPhone Push Notification (Prize sponsored by iLime)

Z2Notify and Z2NotifyMe

open source at http://github.com/Z2Live/Z2Notify/tree/master

(Damon Danieli)

Z2Notify and Z2NotifyMe are Mac and iPhone tools that allow you to debug the Apple Push Notification service without a server.

Best iPhone Health App (Prize sponsored by Polka)

Chief Medical Officer

open source at http://chiefmedicalofficer.appspot.com

(Bess Ho, Myk Klemme, Jen McCabe, Chip Vanek)

An iPhone app for patient access to the Google Health web-based Personal Health Record (PHR) platform.

Technology Use: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (via Titanium Mobile framework), Python, Google App Engine, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, JSON, JQuery

Best Money Making iPhone App (Prize sponsored by Mobclix)



(Charles Du, Elliot Kroo, Anand Gupta, Jonah Williams, John Varghese, Sam Zaid, VJ Anma, Jessica Scorpio, Sarah Sclarsic, Bentley Turner, Sofya Yampolsky, Gregor Hanuschak, and Miguel Elasmar).

Getaround is a carsharing community that let car owners rent out their car to trusted drivers everywhere. Think zipcar + ebay.

Best iPhone App for Accessibility (Prize sponsored by Yahoo)



(Aramys Miranda, Hernan Pelassini, Dan Raju)

Opening up people accessibility on the iPhone by introducing a gesture based sign language.

Ironcoder (this year’s challenge: best app using core animation and audio)

Lander Code


(Dave Wilson)

A simple moon lander game that includes the source code and a lecture explaining how it’s coded.


  1. As a user experience designer, I learned so much from everyone I met at DevCamp! Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make the @foodspotting demo possible.

    We had an awesome team of people who were all trying things they’d never done before, and I was amazed by all everyone learned in two days!

    Thank you Peter (@pklpkl) for your tireless front-end development, Warren (@musesum) for getting into the messy details and sharing lots of code, Aaron for keeping us focused and on track, and my non-developer husband Seth (@sethland) for project management, data gathering, and correctly relaying messages he didn’t understand! (Thanks for not saying, “Give me your Map Kit please!”)

    Thanks also to everyone who answered those cries for help, particularly Magic Seth and Eric (who also reminded me to make slides… so glad!)

    As we move the project forward, I’d love to hear from other developers who are interested in being part of it!

    Alexa (@ladylexy and @foodspotting)

  2. […] Then comes the nail-biting time of waiting for the judging.  We just hung around talking to people and networking.  When the winners annoucement comes to Best Social Applications–It’s Foodspotter!  We jumped up and down and went up to claim our loot which includes: 8GB iPod touch, Elgato H.264 HD encoder, and MobileMe family pack.  We also picked up several other small prizes with our blue “helpful” tickets. Here’s the list of all the iPDC3 Hackathon winners. […]

  3. […] hour, and many twitter messages later….the winner were announced.  We’d taken the award for Best Open Source […]

  4. Barry says:

    I really enjoyed all the presentations. Everyone was friendly and open to suggestions.
    I will be back next year.

  5. […] There was never a dull moment at this past weekend’s iPhoneDevCamp — not when I had to pitch an idea, recruit a team, and develop a functional iPhone app in less than 48 hours! But when I stepped off the stage after presenting the first native demo of Foodspotting to a crowd of 500-some participants, I couldn’t have been happier with how far our team had come! And thanks to the three intrepid developers who volunteered to take the idea I brought to DevCamp and make it tangible and presentable, Foodspotting won Best Social App in the Hackathon. […]

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  9. […] Graham traveled to Yahoo!’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. for iPhoneDevCamp 3, where they won the iFund “Most Promising Startup” […]

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  11. […] design. For their efforts and slick demonstration, “Foodspotting Lite” was awarded Best Social iPhone App. CrunchBase Information Alexa Andrzejewski Information provided by […]

  12. […] design. For their efforts and slick demonstration, “Foodspotting Lite” was awarded Best Social iPhone App. CrunchBase Information Alexa Andrzejewski Information provided by […]

  13. […] design. For their efforts and slick demonstration, “Foodspotting Lite” was awarded Best Social iPhone App. CrunchBase Information Alexa Andrzejewski Information provided by […]

  14. […] design. For their efforts and slick demonstration, “Foodspotting Lite” was awarded Best Social iPhone App. CrunchBase Information Alexa Andrzejewski Information provided by […]

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