iOSDevCamp Success Stories

Every year, we gather the brightest—and often undiscovered—iOS developers in the world. We provide them with a weekend of unlimited bandwidth, space, power, food, and friendship. This is the pattern of success.

Before iOSDevCamp gets started again, July 15-17 at PayPal HQ in San Jose, allow me to inspire you with a few

Tales of Woah.


Meet Jessica Scorpio. She founded Getaround, along with Elliot Kroo and Sam Zaid at our event in 2009. “20,000 lines of code, 2 days, and just 4 hrs of sleep later,” her team won Best Money-making App in our 2009 Hackathon Contest.

Getaround recently won Techcrunch Disrupt NYC. Brilliant work, Jessica!

Meet Alexa Andrzejewski. She wrote to me in 2009 just before iPhoneDevCamp 3, asking if I could help her find a team of developers, and I convinced her to attend. She recruited a team, signed them on the spot, and set about in deep focus to build a functional design. For their efforts and slick demonstration, “Foodspotting Lite” was awarded Best Social iPhone App.

Alexa and Foodspotting are now in their second year, funded to the tune of $3 million. Cheers to Alexa, Ted, and Soraya—may you dine well always.

Meet Joe Hewitt. His entry IUI at the original iPhoneDevCamp in 2007 won the Best Open Source award. That was also the month that Joe’s company Parakey was purchased by Facebook.

The creator of Firefox and Firebug also built the mobile Web version of Facebook AND their iPhone App. He recently left that company to work again in the service of software developers worldwide. We love you, Joe.


Meet Tristan O’Tierney. In 2008, he went full time with Tapulous and helped sponsor iPhoneDevCamp 2. I invited my friend Jack Dorsey to the event, and his one piece of feedback was this: “I was really impressed with that fellow Tristan. He appreciates good design.”

Two months later, Tristan and I (along with eight other volunteers) produced the Official Obama ’08 iPhone App. A few months after that, Tristan was working with Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey to create the first version of Square—as a co-founder.

Meet Mike Lee. The co-founder of Tapulous joined me on stage to kick off the event in 2008. Mike also helped create the Obama ’08 iPhone App, and later built the Apple Store App. Last year, Tapulous was sold for an undisclosed fee to Walt Disney Company.

Mike is now organizing Appsterdam.

Meet Neil Young. The founder and CEO of ng:moco:) accepted the first iFund grant. They announced the ng:moco:) Labs project in our keynote in 2008.

Neil’s company was bought for $400 million by DeNA last year.

Meet Steve Demeter. The creator of Trism attended our first iPhoneDevCamp, and asked me if anyone was working on native code. This was in 2007, before the SDK or the App Store. Steve spent the entire weekend investigating iPhone development, and the subsequent months writing Trism all by himself.

As a result, he was able to ship a kickass game on day one of the App Store. Summer of 2008, at the second iPhoneDevCamp, we encouraged him to go full time with his company Demiforce on game development.

During our third camp in 2009, he was our Keynote Speaker and told the tale of a lifetime of sacrifice until he found our community. We salute Steve, an Apple Developer poster child.

Meet Sudha Jamthe. She was the moderator for my panel at the first-ever Twitter Conference in 2009. As part of Developer Relations at PayPal and to promote their brand-new API services, Sudha sponsored iPadDevCamp in April 2010. She selected iConcessionStand for the Best Use of PayPal API Award.

iConcessionStand went on to win the Grand Prize at the PayPal X Developer Challenge last year. Sudha is now a strategist at PayPal, hosting her third consecutive iOS Developer Camp this summer thus becoming our most generous sponsor of all time.


Meet Raven Zachary. The Founder of iOSDevCamp (previously iPhoneDevCamp), had the idea for this event in 2007 before iPhone even shipped. He reached out via Twitter to find a place to hold the first event and I was lucky enough to be listening at the time. Raven’s positivity and Open Source ethic inspired me and the other founders to band together for an unprecedented collaboration.

A year later, just after our second camp, he directed the creation of the Obama ’08 for iPhone app for the Obama Campaign, recruiting a ten-person team comprised largely of camp alumni. That app remains one of the most successful free apps ever to hit the App Store, and resulted in a personal phone call from Steve Jobs to Raven.

Raven is now President of Small Society, one of the world’s most sought-after iOS user experience and development agencies, and he serves as an advisor to both Urban Airship and Apperian. Small Society just celebrated its second anniversary by donating a large portion of revenue to charity. Bonne chance, Raven! It is an honor to work with you.

Meet Christopher Allen. Our Event Concierge is co-author of the SSL standard. His roots in MacHack inspired our approach to the Hackathon Contest. Since the first event Christopher has published the introductory iOS development book “iPhone in Action,” and produced five card games for iOS including Reiner Knizia’s Money. He currently is founder of Alacrity Software.

Meet Whurley. The CTO of Chaotic Moon collaborated with NewsCorp to create The Daily in record time. This app, the first of its kind and a pioneer with in-app subscriptions, is about to reach one million downloads.

Meet Christopher Messina. His influence as creator of BarCamp inspired our “unconference” format. Since the first event, Chris has remained an Open Source advocate, helping to create OAuth and many other initiatives.

Meet Blake Burris. His company Dynamo Labs was the first recipient of the fbFund, Facebook’s $10 million grant fund.

My name is Dom Sagolla. After helping to create Twitter in 2006, I co-founded iOSDevCamp with these five men in 2007. We produced the event in 21 days, from first tweet to first seat. After joining the alums to build Obama ’08, I founded DollarApp, wrote the book “140 Characters“, and created DollarApp in San Francisco. I’m now a professional speaker, and travel around the world to talk about these experiences and help start local communities of support for app makers.

I write to you because now is the best time to go independent and aim for success in the Apple App Store. We’re all here to support you. Join us, July 15-17 at PayPal HQ in San Jose for iOSDevCamp 2011!


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