iOSDevCamp 2015 Winners

iOSDevCamp 2015 Group Photo

This year’s event was another huge success! Of the 200 participants, over 1/4 were women, and we had the largest contingent of children ever. With 40 demonstrations, we gave prizes to over half of the contest groups. Here are the winners:

Coolest App


Deep Dreamer

Deep Dreamer is an artistic image creation app that leverages a neural network running on a GPU cluster we built that implements an algorithm develeoped by Google researchers.

By creating feedback loops inside a neural network trained to do image pattern recognition we are able to extract and amplify imagery created inside the system and take a peek at how the network thinks.

The resulting imagery is reminiciant of human dreams and hallucinations and is fun to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We allow users to manipulate photos originating from their camera, photo library, or samples we provide. In addition we have a photo editing extension that allows all users to experience Deep Dreamer inside other supported apps such as iPhoto.

“Ever wonder what a Robot dreams? Now we know.”

Brad Anderson Smith
Laurel Jensen
Isaac Arvestad
Daniel DeCovnick
Yiru Yao


Best eCommerce App
sponsored by Braintree


Endangered Species

Problem: The world’s children have low awareness of our remaining endangered species.

Solution: App loads
Short video about endangered species
Quiz time about endangered animals
Learn facts about 1 animal per day
Donate money to the organization take care of animals – conservation project
Show 3D map view where animals live

Shravan Arumugam (Age SEVEN!)
Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam

Best use of Octoblu
sponsored by Citrix


Carpe La Vida

Carpe La Vida utilizes wearable health technology to focus on traffic safety. Our app uses the Octoblu API and a Myo–or any other wearable device–to detect if a driver is having a seizure or falling asleep. If they are, our app sends signals to surrounding cars by honking the horn and blinking emergency lights.

Carpe La Vida will cease the seizure–and wake you up!

Angie Wang
Jason Cheung
Hari Jaswal
Monty Campbell

Best use of Harman API
sponsored by Harman


Harman Voice

Problem: Sometimes your phone isn’t at hand when you need to turn up the beat.

Solution: Our app allows voice control of the Harman Kardon Speakers through the Apple Watch.

Robert Sloan
Hyung Jip Moon
Hing Huynh
Roger Hom

Most Harmonic App
sponsored by Harman



Problem: Current audiobook solutions do not offer the kind of convenience that music does.

Solution: Harmanize harnesses the Harman Kardon SDK to deliver a convenient, smooth audio-book experience for busy professionals and students.

Charles Wong
Alex Raman
Yehuda Laleh
Chris Orcutt

sponsored by Harman


Harmon FFT

This is step one of a two-phase project to measure the impulse response of a room around a listener using a Harmon Speaker, using Fast Fourier Transforms and your iOS device.

Developed by:
Ben Morse


Most Magical
sponsored by Harman



Katas converts the user’s movements into interaction with cyberspace. This open source iOS app allows anyone to turn their device into a magic wand that customizes their interactions with the world around them. Users can also create, share, and exchange Katas with other people, giving it a social aspect as well as practical and fun applications.

Alex Maties
Alex Decker
John Haney

TIE – Best Invisible App
sponsored by Sense360



Poof gives you customized recommendations based on your daily habits.

Erin Pangilinan
Jony Fu
Micaela Neus
Yezhisai Murugesan
Emna Ghariani


TIE – Best Invisible App
sponsored by Sense360 


Inherent Vice

Problem: We all have habits we would… rather not.

Solution: Trust Inherent Vice to run invisibly in the background and keep you in check. When you indulge in a vice we hit you where it hurts, your wallet. Don’t worry: you’re still doing something good when you give in. Your money goes to the charity of your choice!

David Sykora
Merrick Clark
Ben Morse

Best Civic App
sponsored by Idea Market


Mezzo Mezzo

Problem: Approximately 22% of fresh food gets wasted every day.

Solution: Reduce food waste by providing grocery stores, bakeries, and other food vendors with an easy and quick way to donate to and discover local food banks.
Heejung Chung
Claire Huang


Best Connected Car App
presented by Vinli



Problem: Traffic is out of control, drivers are impatient and distracted, according to statistics:

  • 16,000,000 — average accidents / year
  • 5,419,000 police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes
  • 342,000 auto accident injuries and $43 billion each year
  • ~115 people die every day in automobile accidents in the USA
  • According to the FBI — every 44 seconds a vehicle is stolen

This causes insurance rates to up for good and bad drivers.

Solution: “HINDSiGHT” will not only promote safe driving habits but will reward good drivers, and push the burden to the bad driver. We plan to integrate with the DMV (for registration expiration notices) and insurance companies.

Dan Zeitman
Alan Nuchnoi
Joe Peter


Best Developer Tool



A simple set of Swift type aliases and extensions to allow easy creation of view controllers that can be used on iOS and OS X using native UIKit and AppKit resources.

Michael Patrick Ellard
Mike Mehr
Miguel Elasmar

Best Concept


TAP 100

Problem: Boredom!

Solution: Try this innovative, yet difficult game in which you try to reach 100 taps.

Developed by:
Ozlem Bilis


Best New Developer



Problem: Busy professionals require clear delineation between personal and professional photo collections

Solution: WorKam is a simple camera app to help avoid cluttering your photos app. You can use it for work photos that you want to upload to Dropbox and NOT include in your camera roll / iCloud. It _may_ change your upload folder based on your location using the Sense360 SDK.

Developed by:
Kevin Berk


Best Open Source


Med and Meal Alarm

Problem: Taking crucial medications on time and with food can be challenging.

Solution: The Easy Medication Reminder! Millions of people have medical conditions which require medications timed around meals – GERD, diabetes, HIV, IBS, Osteoperosis, heart conditions, and countless others. One hour before a meal, 15 minutes after a meal–regardless of your needs, Med and Meal Alarm has it covered. Our easy to configure app has been upgraded to now represent both those who need to take medication before a meal, and those after. And, we’ve expanded to Apple Watch, to make setting and getting your reminders even simpler.

Melissa Perenson
Svetlana Brodskaya


Best Enterprise App


Fleet Hero

Problem: Managing the health of your fleet’s vehicles is only half of the equation.

Solution: An app for delivery drivers, fleet owners, freight customers and leisure drivers that connects the standard diagnostics system found in most cars with a wearable health trackers for the driver to ensure:

  • Driver health and safety (tracks breaks, heart rate and prevents driver from falling asleep behind wheel, sent emergency alert)
  • Easy fleet tracking including mapping & check points, on road expenditures, car functionality and maintenance schedule, driver health/heart rate
  • Advanced tracking and delay notification for receiver of goods

Point-of-difference: App runs seamlessly in the background and only sent notifications/alerts if something goes wrong

Development Team:
Pam Schau
Chun Wang
Shri Harsham

Support Team:
Lening Wang
Darren Zhen
Ryan Mandel


Best Environmental App



Problem: Severe drought is choking California and several locations in the United States and around the world are seeing the worst drought conditions in decades.

Solution: WaterNinja is an app that will solve the severe drought problem in California. It measures when you enter and exit the shower and gives report on your water usage. Our app is completely iphone based does not need any expensive sensor or hardware installation and so it is hassle free.

Yash Narayan
Amit Narayan
Jonathan Ritchey
Carl Baltrunas
Bilahari Akkiraju


Most Ambitious


We Vote

Problem: It is too hard to decide how to vote!

Solution: We Vote gives you a way to find out what your friends and the organizations you trust endorse on your ballot. Having a way to quickly discuss what is on the ballot will help us all vote.

Ozlem Bilis
Miguel Elasmar
Kevin Jenkins
Dale McGrew
Anish Ranganathan
Adrienne Yang


Most Artistic


Where You At!

Finding friends closest to you using Sense360 and an innovative approach to UI/UX. All the User Interface elements were painted on paper here at iOSDevCamp, not drawn in Photoshop. The UI elements are real active buttons, not just flat screens.

When a friend enters your geofence you get notified and are presented with a choice: Do you want to “Hang” out with them – or “Pass”.

Gwendolyn Richards
Jon Richards

Best Kept Secret



Problem: Censorship and state spying has created a state of paranoia.

Solution: A web browser that helps you avoid censors and eavesdroppers. Specifically, it protects you from criminals and governments who use hijacking techniques to intercept your web requests and spy on you, tamper with content, or censor web sites.

Make a beeLīn to your destination avoiding “man in the middle” attacks.

Genevieve Primavera
Sean Gilligan


Best Sacrifice to the Demo Gods


Interaction Time

Problem: You’re greeting an acquaintance. She extends her arm out at an ambiguous angle and all of a sudden you’re not sure if she’s going for a fist bump, handshake, or hey, maybe even a full-on hug. You bungle the gesture, she looks at you funny, and things get awkward.

We’d like to spare you that embarrassment, so we made something for you.

Solution: Interaction Time is a fun app that coordinates greetings in real time.

Andrea Huey
Mike Meyer
Parteek Saran
Max Weisel


Best DJ App



Problem: Mixing music is challenging.

Solution: 1FX is an app which allows you to mix music with a fun intuitive filter.

Developed by:
Jay (Jeroen Ransijn)


Brightest App


Raycast V2

A raycasting game in the style of Wolfenstein 3D with a vibrant 90’s color scheme.

Andrew Dudney
Isaac Dudney


Least Honest App


Aw Heck

This is an app that displays an infinite loading animation and complains (via a sound effect and pop-up alert) when the user taps anywhere on the screen. Jason is a QA engineer from Chicago who had never used Swift or done any programming at all until yesterday around 11 a.m.; this was my first ever attempt at creating an app.

[Ed. note: And if I may say so, he accomplished more than a lot of companies do with their v1.0 releases…]

Developed by:
Jason Coffman


Most Fashionable


The Shopping Minion

This app helps you shop for your friends or family by building a 3D model of the person and making the model try on different clothes and twirling around for you to see what fits best. It is a fun way to shop without the boring task of trying on so many clothes.

The App makes the model in all sizes to match anyone so you are not stuck to buying standard sizes from stores to find that it does not fit you as well as the store model.

You can also use this to try out different colors of the same outfit or color co-ordinate outfits between friends.

Developed by:
Neha Jamthe (age twelve, and a repeat winner!)


Partiest App



PartyCar knows who is along for the ride, and sets the mood, with music and lights.

Whether you’re cruising on Saturday night, chilling after a long day at work, or just trying to keep the kids entertained in the back seat.

Diana Laboy-Rush
Eric Oesterle


Most Distracted App


Problem: Distractions while working can cause…

Solution: SQUIRREL!


A VERY special thanks to our Prize Sponsors:

Without your support, our event would be a lot less.


We love you! 

This community is made up of the best innovators, developers, designers, and dreamers in the world. We do it all for you, and all we ask is that you keep coming back and that you bring all of your friends.

Thank you,

(left to right) Paul, ChristopherDom, and Jen