iOSDevCamp 2015 Announcement

iOSDevCamp 2015: Hacking Hardware & Software

Who: 500 developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and testers
What: 3-day hackathon for iOS and related applications
When: July 10-12, 2015 (Friday evening through Sunday)
Where: eBay Town Hall (Building 12), 2111 First Street, San Jose, CA

iOSDevCamp 2013 Group Photo

Why: You can’t miss this year’s event! It is set to be the most vibrant hackathon ever thanks to Apple Watch and the upcoming releases at WWDC 2015.

How: Reasonable ticket prices to be offset by sponsor contributions.

This event has catalyzed the launch of award winning startups (like Getaround and Foodspotting), the formation of founder dream teams (Square), and the building of a talented and collaborative community of developers. This ninth annual iOS Dev Camp is set to be take a giant leap forward into the realm where hardware overlaps with software in domains like Wearables, Security, and Civic Engagement.

Out-of-town guests are welcome to join our inclusive event. Though projects will include both solo and team efforts, we encourage attendees to build teams of diverse expertise — business ideas, marketing, design, testing, coding, and back-end development. All attendees should be prepared to participate in the development of a project during the event. Scholarships are available to encourage diversity, and mentors are available.

“It’s one of the most pure and original hackathons. People come from all around and really just hack on something, meet new people . . . cherish the relationships that they create here . . . and go out to create huge companies. The developers we’ve met at iOSDevCamp are among the best in the world. Some of them have gone on to join our team. We’re excited to be supporting the event again this year. . . . iOSDevCamp is the best.”

Zac Bowling, Google engineer
has attended 106 hackathons
iOSDevCamp sponsor/participant

The event will feature:

— Meetup on Friday with Refreshments
— Catered Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Saturday and Sunday)
— Open Mic for Questions
Simultaneous Events Worldwide
— Participant-led Ad Hoc Sessions
— Saturday Night Gaming
— Hackathon Contest with Prizes
— Everyone Leaves with Something

iOSDevCamp is a not-for-profit event; all revenues will go toward the production of the most vibrant hackathon on earth.

We are currently seeking:

Your Registration
Cash Sponsors
Hackathon Prize Donations

To get involved with the above, please email

Rock on.

The iOSDevCamp Organizing Team:
Dom Sagolla, Christopher Allen, Jennifer Holmes, and Paul Blair