Avoiding Network Overload

This weekend, we anticipate an impossibly heavy load on Adobe’s Guest Network.  Despite our best efforts to do so, we will not be able to accommodate everyone on WiFi and ethernet at once. Therefore, we ask the following:

  • Anyone with an EVDO or other cellular card or router, bring it!
  • All iPhones must be on EDGE or 3G only – avoid AdobeGuest WiFi.
  • We may periodically ask groups to operate over Bonjour networking only.
  • If you’re not actively using the network, please disable it!
  • All Adobe employees should use the Adobe Corporate network only.
  • There is a Starbucks with AT&T WiFi down Townsend Street.
  • News and information is available via Twitter SMS throughout the weekend and year round.

Feel free to comment here or write to dom@iphonedevcamp.org if you know of a portable bandwidth solution for the future.