iPhoneDevCamp 2 at Adobe San Francisco

Adobe San Francisco I’m excited to announce that Adobe Systems has volunteered their San Francisco office for iPhoneDevCamp again this year! With respect to the Open Screen Project, this event fits perfectly into Adobe’s mission to embrace the diversity of devices.

We’ll have access to the spacious Town Hall, plenty of free WiFi, conference rooms, and the theatre room for our presentations and breakout sessions.  We’ll make sure that the usual visitor’s NDA is suspended so we can have a truly open event Friday through Sunday, August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

As Adobe’s resident iPhone aficionado, I’ll once again be your host.  Please comment with any questions and I’ll follow up with our staff.

We look forward to having you over!



  1. drunknbass says:

    how do we know when signups are open? i want to make sure i get a spot :P.

  2. Hi drunknbass, we are still working out the registration process. We’ll post something as soon as we can. Thanks.