iOSDevCamp 2014 Announcement

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iOSDevCamp 2014: Hacking Hardware & Software

Who: 500 developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and testers
What: 3-day hackathon for iOS and related applications
When: August 22-24 2014 (Friday evening through Sunday)
Where: eBay Campus, San Jose, CA

iOSDevCamp 2013 Group Photo

Why: You can’t miss this year’s event! It is set to be the most vibrant hackathon ever thanks to three emerging forces that we refer to as the ABC’s: Atoms, Bits and Collaborators (see below).

How: Reasonable ticket prices to be offset by sponsor contributions.

This event has catalyzed the launch of award winning startups (like Getaround and Foodspotting), the formation of founder dream teams (Square), and the building of a talented and collaborative community of developers. With the help of iOS 8, the biggest Apple developer release ever, this eighth annual iOS Dev Camp is set to be take a giant leap forward into the realm where hardware overlaps with software in domains like Wearables and the larger Internet of Things.

A = Atoms
The convergence of big data, mobiles, sensors, connected devices, alternate currencies, API’s and robotics (include Apple’s new HealthKit and HomeKit initiatives) are happening right now. For a decade, the promise of an “Internet of Things” has been just over the horizon. Not anymore. We are no longer at the starting line — today, we are at the scaling line! This year, developers will be invited to build on connected devices in addition to the pure software offerings that have been focused on in the past.

B = Bits
Apple just announced new and improved capabilities and functionalities in their latest iOS release (iOS8) that will create entirely new types of applications and even industries.

C = Collaborators
The collaborative culture of contribution, sharing and openness that exists at this event has been celebrated widely and is the primary reason that we have managed to foster the formation and launch of companies worth billions of dollars over the last 8 years.

Out-of-town guests are welcome to join our inclusive event. Though projects will include both solo and team efforts, we encourage attendees to build teams of diverse expertise — business ideas, marketing, design, testing, coding, and back-end development. All attendees should be prepared to participate in the development of a project during the event. Scholarships are available to encourage diversity, and mentors are available.

“It’s one of the most pure and original hackathons. People come from all around and really just hack on something, meet new people . . . cherish the relationships that they create here . . . and go out to create huge companies. The developers we’ve met at iOSDevCamp are among the best in the world. Some of them have gone on to join our team. We’re excited to be supporting the event again this year. . . . iOSDevCamp is the best.”

Zac Bowling, Apportable engineer
has attended 106 hackathons
iOSDevCamp sponsor/participant

The event will feature:

– Meetup on Friday with Refreshments
– Catered Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Saturday and Sunday)
– Open Mic for Questions
Simultaneous Events Worldwide
– Participant-led Ad Hoc Sessions
– Saturday Night Gaming
– Hackathon Contest with Prizes
– Everyone Leaves with Something

iOSDevCamp is a not-for-profit event; all revenues will go toward the production of the most vibrant hackathon on earth!

We are currently seeking:

Your Registration
Cash Sponsors
Hackathon Prize Donations

To get involved with the above, please email

Hack on!

The iOSDevCamp Organizing Team:
Dom Sagolla, Christopher Allen, Jennifer HolmesJarod Holtz, Matthew Schutte, and Paul Blair

iOSDevCamp 2013 Winners

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From hundreds of participants, we had 56 demos, and produced 23 winners! Here they are, the champions of iOSDevCamp 2013:

Best Open Source – DoodleKit

Sponsored by Chaotic Moon Studios

DoodleKit is an Open Source developer library that manages up to four users drawings on a single canvas, allowing doodlers to create and share content across their devices. DoodleKit was completely developed at iOSDevCamp 2013 by Dave Shanley, Alex Belliotti, Ben Cullen-Kerney, Chris Hellmuth, Ryan Crosby, Robert Corlett, and Kevin Steigerwald.

Along with the library kit, they’ve included an example app, Doodle Party. Where 4 players connect via GameCenter and are given a 15-45 seconds to draw a missing piece of a quadrant. Each quadrant is being drawn by a different user. At the end, their collaborative image is revealed. Technologies employed in this demo include Game Center, peer-to-peer networking, and Core Graphics.

Coolest App – The Claw

Sponsored by Apportable

This Open Source game employs multiple accessibility options to control a real robotic arm: voice input, face detection and mind control. The Claw was built by Mark Chen, Michael Wang, Stacie Hibino, Jun Chen, Powen Ko, and Shawn Jackson completely during iOSDevCamp 2013 using vitapoly‘s Objective C / Unity framework.

Best Remote – GM DashBoard

Sponsored by

GM DashBoard subtly displays information about user’s cars, and was built completely during the weekend by Adam Levy, Yue Bai, and Joey Richardson.

Best In-car – Fleet

Sponsored by

An Open Source GM-powered app which manages a fleet of GM vehicles optimizing for lowest travel time to work sites, Fleet was built completely during the weekend by Ben Morse, and David Sykora.

Best Entrepreneur – Hunger No More

Extra food is going to waste by bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants — food needed by many people. Hunger No More bridges the gap between organizations with wasted food, and people who need more food.

Organizations in need can request food, while stores and those with extra goods can post their food and / or monetary donations. Similarly, service organizations can coordinate pickup of donated goods, while donators can fulfill the requests of service organizations in an organized list or map view.

This Open Source app was developed entirely over the weekend by Krithika Yetchina, John Luttig, and Nathan Pabrai.

Best Design – Social Video

This app is more meaningful way to share the videos you love and discover new movies and TV shows. Social video was developed completely over the weekend by Brinda Mehta, Karriem, and Kris Swanson.

Best Use of StackMob – BearWhere

BearWhere invites your teddy bear surrogate to record life’s precious moments of clarity through checkins, photos, thoughts and feelings to increase mindfulness and share secret adventures. This Open Source app was developed entirely over the weekend by Martin Gregory and Cindy Pavlinac.

Best Use of PhotoEffects – AlterMe

Sponsored by RadiumOne

AlterMe, developed by Abey Mullassery, allows you to change your look with dozens of face cutouts, into a rock star, clown, or a pregnant woman. Add a caption and post it to Facebook or Twitter. Manually edit the alignment to custom fit each face, load your friend’s Facebook profile photo to alter the looks, and use PhotoEffects to add Caption, Border, and Filters.

Best Use of – Itinerary

Visualize complicated travel itineraries as beautiful timelines, showing you and your friends when you will be where. Itinerary was developed over the weekend by Joost Kemink.

Best New Developer – Living Story

Developed by first-time attendees Elizabeth Higham, Sophia Comins, Polina Naydenova, and Jim Preston, this Facebook app reaches out in unknown directions using vines and picture collages and drawing by contacting friends and family to contribute.

Best Web App – iUI

The iUI Open Source Web Framework is the original iPhone Mobile Web Framework — created at the first iOSDevCamp.

At this year’s iOSDevCamp Sean Gilligan and Mixe Xu mikhail have created a new iOS7-style theme and integrated with the Angular.js MVC Framework from Google. Now you can create feauture-rich mobile apps using the Model View Controller pattern using iUI. See also:

Best iOS7 App – PayScoop

Developed entirely over the weekend by Vj Anma, Heggy Castaneda, Kendall Chuang, Abey Mullassery, Vivien Park, and Matt Wong, PayScoop enables payments using AirDrop.

AirDrop (on iOS) / Wifi Direct (on Android) can potentially serve as an alternative to NFC to enable mobile payments.

Most Retro – iPunch

Who said you can’t program on an iPad? With iPunch you can. In Fortran. Developed entirely over the weekend and open sourced by Ronald Mannak, iPunch will create punched cards from your Fortran code.

Best Developer Tool – Feedback

Developed entirely over the weekend by Scott Tran and Fan Lin, this Open Source library to make giving Feedback easy.

Best Social App – Or Whatever

This Open Source iPhone app allows you to match up your Facebook friends suggestions for an activity. “Or Whatever” was developed over the weekend by Daniel Richards, Jon Richards, and Gwen Richards.

Best Hardware API – CareGiver

Many of us have family members that require health care providers and care givers to assist them in engaging in a higher quality level of life. In particular, those family members with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism and/or children utilize services where it can be challenging to manage costs and ensure a high degree of care. The initial use case came from the people receiving care need assistance remembering names and lists of things related to a specific care giver or family member. Another use case that inspired this app: A care giver billed for several hours of work after a 10 minute visit blamed the person receiving care for “not remembering a longer visit.”

This application allows the family’s primary care givers to monitor and supervise home health care and other service providers that interact with their loved one in need. It increases the accountability of the care giver by utilizing facial recognition to verify the presence of the individual during their expected hours of service. An iPhone is motor controlled to auto-track and identify all individuals that enter the view. Once identified, a list of tasks or notes relating to the person will appear on the family member’s screen. Individuals that are not recognized will have their image uploaded to and a notification will be sent to the family’s primary care givers.

The prototype application developed here at iOSDevCamp 2013 is focused on demonstrating two key features. A Galileo motorized base is being utilized to follow faces that are detected. Additionally, the Galileo device can be controlled remotely using another iOS device. A full suite of modules is planned for handling the needs of managing appointments, prescriptions, health & vital sign logging, patient education and emergency situations.

CareGiver was developed completely over the weekend by Dan Zeitman and Mark Hall.

Most Paranoid – CameraShy

This is an Open Source app by Daniel DeCovnick for sharing encrypted photos, an increasingly pressing need. Keep your photos private from the NSA and others who might want to snoop on your thousand words. Includes photo filters from RadiumOne, so even your silly photos can be shared privately along with your sensitive ones. No personally identifying information is sent to us unless you choose to purchase R1 filters, and the storage system is anonymous.

CameraShy uses AES256 encryption, and never saves the taken photos to your device. You choose how to get the URL to your friends. App code is open-source so you can verify we’re not doing anything shady (except its AWS keys, you can’t have those).

Most Educational – Educrest

Educrest is a creative commons-licensed interactive learning tool that inspires young kids to learn computer science. Our application offers users a customized learning experience, changing the difficulty of its lessons based on its user’s age.

Educrest is specifically designed to provide younger kids with intuitive, interactive computer science lessons. Developed completely over the weekend by Andrew Shen, Angie Wang, Gene Wang, Daniel Kim, Henry Zhang, Hugh Zhang, Maggie Wang, Wenli Bai, and Jian Zhang.

Demo Sacrifice – SelfFeed

Selfeed, (Selfie + Feed), is social selfie-sharing with a twist. This app allows users to take photos of themselves with the front-facing camera. After the photo is taken they can add effects to the photo thanks to Radium One’s Effects SDK, and share the photo to Facebook or Twitter.

SelfFeed utilizes Lambda Labs Face Recognition API to determine if and how much the user is smiling. In order to take a photo, the user must smile legitimately, meaning no frowns, or “duckfaces”.

This app failed to function as designed during the demo, but Yonatan Oren was persistent and kept his cool on stage, so the judges awarded him our special prize for brilliant failure.

Best Game – StingSong

This raucous and wacky game let’s you control a bee with vocal noises to have it visit target flowers. The crowd enjoyed this demo so much, it was given an extra full minute to demonstrate, using voices and sliding flutes.


Well done Michael Hourigan and Lily Hourigan, a father-daughter team, and thanks to Apportable for sponsoring this category!

Game Runners-Up Galaxy Storm, BattleCross, GLSpiral, Hangman Challenge, MarsLander, and SplishSplash won free access to Apportable’s SDK.

Most Helpful – Shiu Ng

Every year, the organizers give out blue tickets to people who help others during the event. It can be be for any kind of assistance, especially for solving a problem. The tickets are given directly for work that is observed, or via recommendation from attendees.

This year, a volunteer from past events won Most Helpful with a total of 28 tickets. Shiu was awarded the Iron Man costume, as well as a Lightning-capable stereo speaker, and brand-new Apple Airport Extreme.

Second Most Helpful – Newton Chan

Another long-time volunteer was runner-up for Most Helpful. On site early, and working late, Newton with 25 tickets was awarded a brand-new Airport Extreme.

The organizers wish to thank all 56 constestants, and applaud the talent, bravery, and pure creativity of everyone who graced our stage this year! See our whole set of photos.

- The Organizers: Dom, Christopher, and Jennifer

2013 Broadcast

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We’re delighted to have our friend Daniel Brusilovsky directing the video feed again this year:

Here are the broadcast hours, Pacific Time:

Friday July 12: 5-10pm
Saturday July 13: 10am-1pm
Sunday July 14: 2-6pm

See you then!

2013 Sponsors

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Thank you to this year’s generous sponsors, may they be blessed with awesomeness:

Chaotic Moon Studios is comprised of award-winning thought leaders, designers, coders and developers from across the mobile media landscape. Their design and development teams have developed their respective crafts alongside the most innovative companies in the world, including both Apple and IBM. Chaotic Moon team members hold over a dozen patents and are regularly highlighted in publications including Wired, Fast Company, and Business Week. Chaotic Moon services include brand ideation, strategy, custom development, content publishing, gaming, and managing mobile brands across all application marketplaces.

reOrient Media creates visual tools to help you communicate complexity. We are proud to be showing off our newest beta – Infinite PDF. Infinite PDF is a new way to enhance your experience of PDF’s by adding dimensionality, transitions, and interactivity. We offer an easy-to-use tool that allows you to tailor content to exactly the audience you are trying to reach. reOrient Media is also the producer of Infinite Canvas, a hypercard-like iPad application that was developed and presented at previous hackathons by iOSDevCamp co-founder Christopher Allen.

The Citrix Startup Accelerator invests in enterprise startups creating the next generation of cloud infrastructure services, mobile enterprise solutions, and collaboration technologies. We invest in companies bringing new thinking, new technologies, and a fresh approach to today’s problems. Our charter is to foster the next generation of enterprise solutions by helping our portfolio companies develop strong market validation and achieve independent success.

GitHub is the best way to build software together. Whether it’s your company’s app, your favorite open source library, or a weekend side project, GitHub helps everyone work better by providing tools for easier collaboration and code sharing on any device. Start collaborating today—open source project hosting is free!

Founded in 2009, based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, Push IO is a leading push notification provider. The company’s hosted push notification service has delivered more than 9 Billion push notifications and currently powers some of the most widely used apps from broadcast, sports, and entertainment publishers.

RadiumOne is a digital media and advertising leader. Our suite of social tools and products help thousands of developers, publishers and advertisers across the globe. Their patent-pending advertising platform and technology is designed to leverage audience data to deliver the most targeted and effective digital and mobile advertising solutions for the world’s leading brands. Their tools, combined with solutions for user acquisition, offer mobile developers everything they need to build and scale their apps.

SiK Inc., based in California, is a developer of accessories, apps and services for iOS and Mac OS.

Crittercism, based in San Francisco, California, is the world’s first mobile app performance management (APM) solution that offers a real-time global view of app diagnostics across iOS, Android and HTML5 on over 125 million unique devices and 3 billion app loads. The company’s investors include Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures and Google Ventures.

Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P) is a global consumer electronics company committed to putting state of the art mobile and audio technology into the hands of every user. As a division of Antec, the world-renown market leader in PC hardware, A.M.P. is committed to bringing Antec’s winning VIP principles of Value, Innovation and Perfection to the mobile world.

Kaiser Permanente’s flagship app and Every Body Walk! app have received Silver Web Health Mobile Awards. The KP app empowers Kaiser Permanente members with easy and convenient tools and information to manage their health anywhere in the world. Members can view medical records, make appointments, refill prescriptions, view lab test results, send messages to their doctors and more. The app is available free of charge on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and has been downloaded 576,000 times. Created to support anyone interested in taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle, the Every Body Walk! app is available free of charge on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and has been downloaded 126,000 times.

Corona Labs is re-inventing how the world builds mobile content, enabling developers to create cross-platform games, eBooks, and business apps 10x faster. Our flagship product, Corona SDK, is the world’s most advanced development platform, used by over 250,000 developers worldwide. More than 25,000 Corona-powered apps have been distributed to iOS, Android, NOOK and Kindle Fire devices, including blockbuster games The Lost City, Major Magnet, Bubble Ball, Dabble and Blast Monkeys. For more information, please visit

StackMob provides an easy to use, reliable, cloud-based backend for mobile applications allowing companies to accelerate their time to market, reduce costs, and deliver outstanding mobile user experiences. The StackMob platform provides a flexible and scalable open solution to support the most mission critical apps. Developers can easily create APIs to store and retrieve data in the cloud, add custom code to enhance those APIs with advanced business logic and easily add functionality through the StackMob Marketplace.

Apportable‘s technology converts iOS games to Android automatically, without extensive changes to the original Objective-C or C++ code. Say goodbye to multiple codebases, outsourced development, or days spent learning new tools. With Apportable, you can build your app for iOS using the latest Apple APIs and still run natively on Android. The results speak for themselves: iOS developers can run their games on Android in minutes with very few modifications. Apps powered by Apportable have already risen to the top of the charts and delighted millions of users through the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Apps, and the Humble Android Bundle. Try the Apportable SDK today and discover why developers call our platform “indistinguishable from magic.”

iOSDevCamp 2013 Announcement

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iOSDevCamp 2013
July 12-14, 2013
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, California

We are pleased to announce iOSDevCamp 2013, the eighth not-for-profit iOS developer conference produced by the original iPhoneDevCamp all-volunteer team. What was originally called ‘iPhoneDevCamp’ was rebranded as ‘iOSDevCamp’ in 2010 to match Apple’s new naming convention. This is a combined iPhone and iPad event.

Register now!

We expect this to be the largest event yet, with over 500 attendees. Thank you to our lead sponsor, General Motors for securing our expanded facility for this event.

As a reminder, 100% of your registration fee goes to event costs. We are a not-for-profit all-volunteer group.

Event management for iOSDevCamp 2013 powered by Eventbrite.

NOTE: This is not a training event. iOSDevCamp is for existing iOS developers and designers to build and demo new iOS apps within 48 hours, over our three-day event.

Who: Developers, designers, entrepreneurs for iOS.

What: 3-day weekend event, in the format of past iPhoneDevCamp and iPadDevCamp.

When: July 12-14 (Friday through Sunday), 2013

Where: Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

Why: We love the developer community!

How: It will cost a small amount to attend, with additional event costs offset by sponsors.

The event is inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, to develop Cocoa Touch and Web-based applications for Apple’s iOS. This follows the previous iPhoneDevCamp events held at Adobe Systems in San Francisco, July 2007 and August 2008, Yahoo! in 2009, and eBay since then:

Out-of-town guests are welcome. Attendees will include iOS developers, web developers, UI designers, entrepreneurs and testers, all working together over the weekend. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be prepared to work on a development project during the event.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Create new applications for iOS.
  • Migrate Mac OS X applications to iOS.
  • Test and optimize applications for iOS.

The event will feature:

  • Simultaneous Events Worldwide
  • Meetup Time on Friday with Refreshments
  • Catered Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday
  • Open Mic for Questions
  • Ad Hoc Sessions by Participants
  • Late Saturday Gaming
  • Hackathon Contest
  • Everyone Leaves with Something

We are committed to staying not-for-profit; all charges will go toward the production of iOSDevCamp, and the organizers don’t make a cent. The organizers are Dom Sagolla and Christopher Allen. Our event planner is Jennifer Holmes. We are currently seeking:

To get involved with the above, please email DomChristopher, and Jennifer:

We hope to see you there!